Ask Nikki

Ask Nikki

Live Q&A with Coach Nikki



In case you missed it! On June 5th Coach Nikki held a live Q&A video on Facebook. It was a lot of fun and very informational.



Some of the questions that Nikki covers in this video are:

If we don't eat meat, do we need to take supplements or protein powder?

Can you talk a bit about Keto and it’s high-fat content related to high cholesterol concerns?

Tips on sauces for vegetables that are healthy.

Can you give me an example of a snack vs a meal?

Transitioning from Brik to Summer Core/Nutrition.

I’d love to get your insight on determining a good macro ratio.

Watch the video to learn Nikki's thoughts on the above questions and more! Also, stay tuned as Nikki will be doing more of these live Q&A's in the future.

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